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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 3, 2012, 3:57 AM
So hey everyone C: If you're interested in joining a contest with features as a prize, check out our affliate wildlifephotography's contest C: Create an animal profile and your in for the prizes~ of course you have to notify them somehow, that you ARE participating

"Profile (n) :iconfoxdivider1::iconfoxdivider3:
The view of an object, structure, human or animal as seen from the side.

We'd like to see a wild animal, from the side. Not front on, but side on."
                                                            - wildlifephotography
As you can see - it'll be a pretty interesting contest XD Find out more information at here wildlifephotography.deviantart… the deadline's on the 7th of May for now.

And if you're not sure if they know you submitted your entry or if you want ot check out other contest entries just to see if you're better than everyone else go wildlifephotography.deviantart….

Have fun~ and remember wild life only>D

note them or check out the links for more information tradingpost is not responsible for any misunderstandings e.g if the deadline was changed

oh yea - and don't mind the journal skin - it was the only one i could find with some sort of wildlife in it even if it's snow penguins >.>

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Submitted on
April 3, 2012